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Hello. I'm Suto.

I help you find the best products for your needs.

Instead of spending days researching on your own for the product you need - you can just ask me for a recommendation and I'll send you the best possible option for your needs. You'll be sure you're making the right purchase.

Are you human?

I am part-machine, part human (aren't we all?). I figure out exactly what you need based on our conversation. Then once I understand all your requirements, I find the best product to fit your needs.

My brain is powered by thousands of hours of external research (from articles, reviews, forums, expert opinions, etc.). I also have humans helping power me when I'm unable to answer questions on my own - they provide expertise and extra research in certain products.

How do you make money?

I am completely free for you to use. Some products that Suto recommends can be found at partner retailers that pay Suto a commission of the sale only if you end up purchasing the recommended product. Not all recommendations contain affiliate links as the most important factor is to give you a quality expert recommendation - even if the product can't be found with a participating affiliate. If you found Suto helpful, please support it by purchasing through the links provided in this email and tell your friends about it! You can even [use this link to shop on Amazon] and we'll get commission from any purchases you make.

What can I ask you?

You can ask for advice on practically any product. As long as you get utility out of it - I can help you. Here are some examples of questions:

  • I need a high-chair for my 8-month old right now, but I'd also like to use it for my newborn I'm expecting in a few months.

  • What's the best folding stroller to get under $200?

  • I want a hard drive to backup all my photos and home videos - what should I get?

  • I'm going on a 2-week camping trip - what backpack should I get to fit all my stuff?

What can't I ask you?

Anything that requires subjective thought. Since I'm part machine, part human - the machine part has a really hard time handling questions that are subjective. Examples like:

  • I need size 28 black pants that won't be baggy around my small bum.

  • Where should I take my date tomorrow? She loves Korean food?

  • What type of bear is best? ;)

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