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What mattress should I get
what's the best stylus and notebook app combo to take notes (not draw) with the ipad pro? hi
Hey Suto - What are some good headphones with a V-shaped sound signature under $200?
I'm looking for a bread machine. Something easy to use for a beginner, that can bake whole grain breads
Actually, are there any good bluetooth headphones or do they sound bad
What's the best accessory for a brand new GoPro Hero4?
Hey Suto, what're the best soccer shoes to use as a striker?
Fart machine It should make loud farts
Can you recommend a good king size mattress? Affordability counts. Tks! Why do you need my email?
Suto, what's the best drive for backing up my computer
Hi Suto, what are the best monitors to use for employees with MacBook Air laptops and MacBook Pro laptops?
What is the best mirrorless camera?
I need a temporary and cost effective standing desk set up
what keurig coffee machine should i get for the office?
Hello! First off I want to start off my saying this is an awesome service My question is I am moving into a new office this week and the kitchen counter top space is quite limited. Any ideas on how to add to it? not sure if a island piece would help etc. let me know!! :)
Hi Suto, Which teeth whitening strips should I buy?
Hey Suto - what is: 1. the breast paintball gun that is easy to clean and customize in the future OR 2. The ultimate paintball gun for under $400
Looking for an electric toothbrush. Never had one before, looking for something entry level
Hey Suto - what's the best external harddrive for a mac?
Hey Suto, what shoes would you recommend for ball hockey?
Hey suto - what is the best wifi enabled speaker for a living room?
Hi Suto - I'm looking for a minimalist looking record player under $300. must have high quality sound.
Hey Suto - What are the three best Android phones?
The best compact umbrella on a budget for windy and rainy Toronto
What's the best adjustable height desk for under $2000?
what are some great books for my 6 year old daughter
What's the best USB dac for $150 CAD or less? Ideally with volume control.
hey Suto - i want to know the cheapest foam roller for running!
What beard trimmer would you recommend for a neat, trimmed beard. Think Sean Connery, not lumberjack hipster
What car would you recommend for me. I'm looking to spend <$35,000 for a car that is 3-4 years old. AWD, 4-door and a hatchback or wagon. I'd like it to have a nice interior, heated seats, and be a sporty.
what food processor should I buy?
I want a security camera to check up on my dog when I'm out.
i want a great way to discover kids media like apps, tv programs, movies etc.

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